Join us at our monthly meetings, monthly Film Club evenings and annual conventions!

Don't be shy to bring your friends or even strangers you've met in a bookshop!

Click here for a list of venues for the current year, or here for the calendar of current and previous events.


Meeting ID: 8816 0798 014
Passcode: 1966191

The lockdown restrictions govern the rules for social meetings. Social distancing will be maintained (because it is virtual). Even if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, you may attend. Virtually. Join the Zoom meeting

For any queries please call Ian on 083 523 0081



The events for 2021 will be very erratic, as lockdown regulations can change quickly. We will try to plan as well we can, but be sure to check back before the events for final arrangements.



Zoom provides (free and paid-for) virtual meetings, conferences, webinars, etc. We experimented with a very successful meeting on 15 August 2020. To take part, you'll need to download the Zoom client. It is not necessary to do so in advance, because Zoom will automatically do it the first time you join a meeting. If you have not done so before, it is best to download it in advance of joining our first meeting, because the setup will take some time, and you might miss the best bits. Alternatively, click on the link well in advance of the meeting, allowing time to download the zoom client.



Monthly meetings

These usually occur on the afternoon of the third Saturday of the month, from 18h00 onwards and may take the form of presentations, regular speakers, bring and braai's (barbecues), an outing to the Planetarium and movie screening... R10 for members, R20 for non-members.

Film Club evenings

Held on the second Saturday evening of the month, at Franz and Simone's house. Here we watch the movie for the evening. Can vary from the ridiculous to the sublime, and is selected from our members' extensive personal libraries. We normally start at 19h30 and finish by about 23h00. Entrance is R30.


These include a midyear convention for the more serious fan - consisting of a day of talks, discussions, debates, quizzes and movie screenings - as well as speciality small conventions, such as a Star Trek minicon held in the first half of the year.


Venues for 2021

Ron's Home :
  34 Royal Street

Ian and Gail's Home :
  30 Gustav Preller Street
  Vorna Valley

Nexus Hub :
  21 Harley Street

Gavin's Home :
  41 Pyramid Road

2021 Calendar of Events

17 January AGM Jamieson's home
20 February Speaker Zoom Arthur Goldstuck (Messaging: Myths and Realities)
20 March Social Zoom SFFSA Members
17 April Speaker Zoom Philip Machanick (Fake Science)
15 May Speaker Zoom AL du Pisani (Texas Tank Watchers)
19 June Speaker Zoom Digby Ricci (The Midwich Cuckoos/Village of the Damned)
17 July
21 August
18 September Speaker Zoom Deirdre Byrne
16 October
20 November
4 December

2020 Calendar of Events

18 January AGM Jamieson's home
15 February Speaker Nexus Deirdre Byrne, Andrew Skinner
21 March
18 April
16 May
20 June
18 July
15 August
TBC: 19 September
17 October
21 November
5 December

2019 Calendar of Events

19 January AGM Jamieson's home
16 February Meeting Nexus Sample Series
23 March
Meeting Nexus Prof Ahmed Wadee (Man vs TB)
13 April Speaker Nexus Prof Gerald Gaylard (Afrofuturism)
18 May
15 June 50th Anniversary Dinner Nexus
21 July Speaker Nexus Arthur Goldstuck (The Shape of the Future)
17 August Minicon Ron’s
14 September Stand at Scopex Scopex
21 September Speaker Nexus Dezi Lemmer (SF becomes Science)
19 October Speaker Nexus
16 November Annual Dinner Nexus Digby Ricci
7 December Social Ron's Bring & Braai

2018 Calendar of Events

20 January AGM< Jamieson's home
17 February Speaker & Movie Nexus Deirdre Byrne (Ursula le Guin)
25 March Speaker & Movie Nexus Denis Droppa (SF Motor Cars
21 April Gavin’s home
19 May Movie & Dinner Nexus
16 June Speaker & Movie Nexus Mary-Anne Potter (Why Trees)
21 July Speaker & Movie Nexus Gerald Hope (Trek Wars)
18 August Mini Con Ron’s home
22 September Speaker & Dinner Nexus Fred Strydom (SF Role in SA)
20 October Speaker & Dinner Nexus Tim Carter (Travel in Fact & SF)
17 November Speaker & Dinner Nexus Digby Ricci (Forbidden Planet & The Tempest)
8 December Social  Ron’s home

2017 Calendar of Events

18 February Speaker & Movie Cesco's
18 March Speaker & Movie Cesco's
22 April Social Ron’s home
20 May Classic Movie Day Cesco's
24 June Speaker & Movie Cesco's Marco Andreoli (Lifeforce)
15 July Speaker & Movie Cesco's Nial Mollison (The Wind Rises)
19 August Speaker & Movie Central City Comics Lee Herrmann (Zombieland)
16 September Mini Con Ron’s home Games and Quizzes
14 October Speaker & Movie Central City Comics Owen Swart (Star Trek)
18 November Year End Dinner Nexus Hub Digby Ricci (Narnia)
9 December Social Ron’s home