Become a part of our community today and discover just how much else we have to offer. Whether you're based in Johannesburg, the rest of South Africa or internationally!

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  • Monthly meetings and discussion evenings
  • Extensive library with +3 000 titles
  • Probefanzine, published quarterly
  • Annual mini-conventions
  • Annual Nova short story competition
  • Correspondence: We can put you in contact with other SF clubs and fans around the world. We also have various overseas fanzines available.

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  • Ian's thick Scottish accent, despite decades ofliving in South Africa
  • The obligatory B-grade movie, with the comments that fly after an afternoon of drinks (Mystery Science Theatre, South African style)
  • Wormholes (naah, we're not going to explain this one; you'll have to join us at an event to find out)
  • Andrew on anime
  • Carla on movies
  • Ron's puns
  • Ron urging you to join the:
    • Astronomical Society of Southern Africa
    • Archaeology Society of South Africa
    • Military History Society of South Africa
      "Whether you like it or not, it's the military which has been a major driving force behind developments in technology."
  • Simone asking what you've read lately and if she may borrow it, please?
  • Digby Ricci, guest speaker extraordinaire who doesn't read science fiction, actually, and always wonders why we invite him

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  • Note:
  • Please note that an SFFSA membership covers a single person, a co-habitating couple, or entire family. In other words, if your are living under one roof, you only need a single membership. You do however, get only one copy of PROBE, no matter how large the number of people covered by a membership.
  • To make life easier for ourselves, especially when it comes to renewals, we charge new members the Pro Rata rate applicable at the time they join.

  • Local:
    Subscriptions are R275 per annum for local members (in the Gauteng area.)

  • Country:
    Subscriptions are R200 per annum for country members (not in the Gauteng area.)

  • International:
    US$30.00 (or equivalent), with an additional US$30.00 to receive Probe by airmail

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    Membership fees may be paid via electronic transfer, PayPal, or cash (at an event), accompanied by a completed membership application form

    No cheques accepted

    Banking Details:

    Science Fiction South Africa
    Standard Bank
    Branch code 01 80 05
    Account number 22 102 9028

    International members: Please use SWIFT code SBZAZAJJ in your payments.


    Please email proof of electronic payment to:


    Science Fiction and Fantasy South Africa
    PO Box 10166
    Vorna Valley
    South Africa

    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader  or Microsoft Word installed on your computer in order to be able to read the application form.